ICAP Advisory SA and Grant Thornton BS SA as a contractor consortium undertook the development and operation of the Business Support Center (BSC) of the Municipalities of South Attica (SYDNA), through an international open public tender. This innovative initiative of the Municipalities is expected to strengthen the entrepreneurship in the areas.

The extensive experience of the companies of the consortium in the management and coordination of large projects in combination with their specialization in the provision of consulting services to other companies guarantees the successful implementation of this complex and critical project of the Municipalities. The consortium will run the project for the first 25 months until its completion. Afterwards the Centre will be operated by the Municipalities of South Attica (SYDNA).

In particular, the Consortium undertakes:

  • The provision of the required infrastructure for the development and operation of the BSC


  • The staffing of BSC with a team of specialized consultants that will use modern consulting methods


  • Conducting several periodic studies regarding the economic and business environment of the Municipality


  • The promotion of the work of the BSC through networking events



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